Welcome to Pure Water Resources!

Like most great ideas, it started with a need. In this case, a need to provide the Washington DC Metropolitan Area with a healthy alternative to bacteria filled bottled water coolers.

water-splashesIf not cleaned regularly with a bleach solution or boiling water, the reservoir in your bottled water cooler grows nasty bacteria known as Biofilm, or as plumbers call it, “slime”. This is a known issue that is ignored by most bottled water companies.

Pure Water Resources solves this issue by providing a ready and constant supply of purified, sanitized water to your employees, patients, residents, and customers with a push of a button. No more storing and lifting heavy 5 gallon bottles. No more dust, dirt, grime and hand germs washing off the neck of the bottle into the dispense reservoir. And…NO MORE SLIME!

We currently serve over 2,500 customers and are adding new customers every day! We are a local company who cares a great deal about water quality and the water our neighbors drink. So what are YOU waiting for? Click Try it for Free and request your no obligation one week 100% FREE trial. Or, call us for more information.

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